4 Best Gifts To Give Loved Ones Going Through Chemotherapy


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Finding the right thing to say to a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer is very difficult. Often, the best thing to say is nothing. Your presence and support is usually more than enough.


It’s a good idea to pay attention to what they need and get them things that would make going through this phase of their life easier. We have put together a list of items that will be appreciated by a family member or friend going through this difficult time.


Port Pillow

Typically, those undergoing chemotherapy have a port implanted under their skin, especially around the chest area, to prevent repeated needle sticks. To protect the port region from irritation, you can gift your loved one with a port pillow to avoid injuries from the seat belt when driving.



Purple colured silk eye mask

Silk Eye Mask

The mask helps the patient to sleep peacefully during treatment by avoiding the intrusive light which interferes with the quality of sleep. Silk is preferred above other fabrics because it smooth and comfortable.


 Anysun Black satin lined beanie with satin interior exposed

Satin-lined Beanie 

By it's nature, chemotherapy causes hair loss to recipient patients. This unique beanie has a knitted warm exterior and a satin lined interior. The interior is lined with a smooth, non-irritating satin fabric. This is ideal for sensitive skin.



Plastic free insulated water bottle

Insulated water bottle

Chemotherapy requires that patients remain hydrated throughout, meaning that drinking fluids is essential. Consider gifting your loved one with a quality water bottle that keeps liquids hot or cold for prolonged periods. We particularly like this BPA-free and plastic free one.



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