Prepping Your Hair for Winter: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Winter Haircare

If you thought that hair breakage is purely a summertime issue, then you are in for a rude shock. It’s even worse in winter.

During the winter, we face two extreme conditions: dry indoor heat and the cold unforgiving outside weather. The cold winter air freezes tiny moisture droplets in the hair. The frozen water droplets cause the hair shaft to expand beyond it's capabilities, splitting the hair shaft. The result of this split is breakage and dry, damaged hair that is unable to retain moisture.

So, what should you do this winter? Well, we have to adapt our haircare routine to the season.


Wash Less Often

The scalp produces a waxy oil that coats the hair strands, preventing rapid moisture loss. Using detergents such as shampoo on a daily basis strips the hair and the scalp of this protective oil. For those who shampoo daily, try stretching out the time between washes. If you have very greasy hair and scalp, use a boar bristle brush every night to move the oil from the scalp down the length of the hair shaft.


Reduce Heat-Intensive Styling Routine

Regular heat styling causes damage to the structure of the hair strands. If you have to use heat, then ensure you have a good deep conditioning routine in place. Also, do not forget heat protectant!


Wear Satin lined Beanies

A beanie is an essential part of any good winter wardrobe. The problem is that wearing beanies actually contributes to hair damage by causing dry and frizzy hair. Anysun satin beanies are lined with low friction satin material that does not absorb moisture from your hair. 


Sleep in Silk or satin pillowcase 

Cotton pillowcases cause havoc to your mane. To keep it safe, sleep on a satin pillowcase every night to prevent friction, frizzy hair and matting.


Get a humidifier

Ever wondered why your hair and skin is so dry on winter mornings?

Well, indoor heating is the culprit. The dry indoor heating sucks moisture from your hair, skin, and nasal passages.  One way to combat this is to use a humidifier at night. For extra points, add essential oil to the humidifier water.

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