About anysun


Our Story

Prior to 2014, I wasn't fond of wearing beanies or hats because of the dreaded 'hat hair'. During a particularly long and cold winter in 2014, I protected my head from the freezing temperatures, with wool beanies that left me with dry, frizzy, and severely damaged hair

My solution to preventing damaged hair the next winter was to tie my hair in a silk scarf and then put on a winter beanie. My hair felt moisturised and healthy. But this method was cumbersome and I was embarrassed to take off my beanie/scarf in public. There had to be a better way..... This was when the idea of a satin-lined beanie came to mind. The beanie had to be warm, stylish and also kind to the hair.

After thorough research, I concluded that there was a market for stylish, hair friendly pieces. Anysun was founded in 2016 to fill the gap.

Every collection is designed with hair in mind. I love them and I am sure you'll love them too!

-Chidinma Anyanwu


Our Core Values

We believe everyone should love their kinks, waves and curls. So we design headpieces that are kinder to your hair. We believe that sustainability in fashion can be achieved by making pieces that can be worn for many seasons. So we only design high quality, classic pieces that will stand the test of time. We believe that practical pieces can also be stylish. So we upgraded your hair staples.

We endorse positivity, sustainability, creativity and self-love


Our Promise 

We take great pride in the quality of every product we send out. Each product is thoroughly inspected and properly packaged to ensure it gets to you in an excellent condition.
-The Anysun Team